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Romantic Holiday Gifts for Her

What romantic #gift is certain to show her feel how special she is? With a little creative thought, your gift will inevitably make this #holiday #unforgettable.

First, take inventory.  Have you peeked into her jewelry box lately?  There are core basics to every wardrobe and jewelry box.  Can you define her favorite pieces of jewelry?  What would YOU like to see her wear?









Think romance. Focus on the out of the ordinary. Take her ring to the jeweler to be personalized with a romantic inscription. If you’ve never given her a ring to inscribe, no worries. Ring designs have evolved to phenomenal works of art. The growing trend of stackable rings has changed the norm to endless possibilities!  A ring gift box nestled in the Christmas tree is sure to be a hit.




During the day she may feel like wearing a boho pair of earrings and at night, a glamorous diamonds.




She may have grown tired of a brooch but would like to repurpose the gemstones. Bring her into the store to sit down with staff to design a new piece!







Pendent necklaces of several sizes and lengths are a must. The versatility of a dainty necklace which sits just below the collar bone or a glamorous necklace worn with a plunging neckline can make or break an outfit.





Bracelets come in many varieties from thick cuffs to delicate intricate works of art.  Does she wear a bracelet on the same wrist as a watch?  Does she have a charm bracelet to mark life’s beautiful memories?







A tiffany charm in their signature blue box will surely show her how much you care to know what she holds near and dear.





Jewelry has been an adornment of beauty for centuries.  Never more than today are there so many ways to show one’s expression.  From Vintage to Contemporary, designs are impeccably detailed and exemplify the personality underneath.

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