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We Give You Top Value On All Services

We are proud to pay our customers quickly and seamlessly in one of our private offices.

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Hints For Us To Best Serve You

* Please be prepared to discuss your needs & expectations

* Any original paperwork or packaging is a plus

* Please email or call ahead if you have large or difficult items to transport


If you are considering selling your items outright, Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange buys many types of jewelry, watches, gold, silver, diamonds, artwork and more. Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange is proud to get our customers immediate cash on a daily basis.

Cash Loans

Tysons Watch and Jewelry Exchange understands that anyone can suffer from cash flow issues, so we are committed to assisting anyone who must raise cash immediately. The loan amount will be based upon the value of your collateral, and will be paid to you on the spot. We will generate a loan contract in accordance with Virginia State law and will subsequently store your collateral until you have the funds to retrieve your merchandise.


If time is not of the essence, but you still wish to part with some valuables, Tysons Watch
& Jewelry Exchange offers consignment. Allow the professional staff at Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange to help determine if this is your best option. The Watch & Jewelry Exchange’s reputation, location and the name “Tysons” instills an instant credibility that others simply cannot offer.

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Serving our customer’s needs for over 20 years, Tysons Watch and Jewelry Exchange is the most recognized estate jewelry store in the entire DC Metro area. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional, consistent and considerate service.

Our Tysons location is a superb and secure place to conduct your business. Whether selling an item, pledging collateral, looking to buy a large diamond or wanting to trade some “old” jewelry for something brand new and exciting, Tysons Watch and Jewelry Exchange is always prepared to explore all of your options.

The best selection at the lowest prices year round.

All requests are dealt with in a straight forward, no pressure environment.

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