//Gabriel & Co, Classic elegant designs but with a twist.

Gabriel & Co, Classic elegant designs but with a twist.

        These intricately sculpted 14k White Gold Intricate Hoop pave diamond earrings take the classic hoop to the next level



“Pieces of jewelry mark milestones, they serve as our keepsakes of ardor, our instigators of memories, our enhancements of beauty, and our sources of legacy.”

Gabriel & Sons    

                  From the Starlis collection. 14k White Gold Stud Diamond Earrings



From an experience most of us cannot imagine, Master Jeweler, Elias Gabriel left Lebanon during the civil war to Turkey. Once in Turkey, he pursued the American dream and immigrated to the United States.  And from a place of inner strength and beauty emerged a gift, Elias Gabriel, Master Jeweler.  Those in life that inspire, come from a place within of strength and beauty.  And thus, begins the story, the legacy of Gabriel & Co.

 A necklace from the Victorian collection.  A vivid blue sapphire nestled within white gold ellipses of sparkling diamonds.



Sons, Jack and Dominick, were blessed to apprentice under the talented Master Jeweler, their father, Elias Gabriel in Long Island NY.  An inevitable outcome of growing up in this creative atmosphere, was the launch of Gabriel & Co in 1989. Dominique has said his design inspirations come from everywhere such chandeliers, silverware to furniture.  He believes everything on this earth whether it’s organic or manmade, is to be nurtured and treated with respect.  “If we slow down and take a look, there is art all around us.”

A 14k Yellow Gold fashion ring with an edgy open bypass design and sparkling accent diamonds.



Their classic and elegant pieces are meant to catch the eye but not overpower.  Gabriel and Co. jewelry works together to accentuate but not overtake. This belief is carried through to their engagement rings. A belief that rings hold a subtle beauty which symbolizes love’s commitment by always wearing rings that were CHOSEN and GIVEN in love.


From the Lyla collection. A detailed 14k White Gold pave setting with diamonds that lace the band and halo.



In as much as their intent is to complete one’s persona and not compete, you can’t miss the whimsy of the design. Examples of this would be an earring crawling up the ear or a ring  gently wrapped around the finger with a geometric flare.  It’s with the combination of respect for art and edgy look on classic eras that makes their pieces very unique. Gabriel & Co.’s romantic pieces come alive exuding the flow of nature.

This 14 c yellow & white gold Hampton twisted ring is crafted from overlapping bands encrusted with pave diamonds



Jack and Dominique believe jewelry is something that holds memories and can and should be passed down from generation to generation. Dominique wears his father’s cufflinks as a daily touchstone that becomes part of himself.


An intricate 14 c yellow & white gold curved bar Hampton necklace with over lapping strands of sparkling pave diamonds throughout.


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