//What symbolizes a never ending circle of love?

What symbolizes a never ending circle of love?


What perfect and simple ancient symbol represents a never-ending circle of love and commitment that never ends?

What is the symbolism of engagement and wedding rings?  Where did these ancient symbols and traditions originate?  As with most traditions, the Roman Empire had the most rudimentary vision of all. Much like today, in Roman times, rings symbolized a  union of marriage and additionally an expression of status and fidelity. Dating back to ancient Roman times, privileged class women had two rings. One ring was gold and worn in public as a sign of social rank. The second ring made of iron was a symbol of strength, and was worn at home. Laws designed to prevent extravagance and luxury, sumptuary-laws, were in place to exclude lower class individuals from wearing gold rings. Eventually during the Roman Empire in the 3rd century AD, anyone except a slave was allowed to wear a gold ring. From the 4th century AD on, there was more artistic skill used in the design of a ring by symbolized one’s unbroken circle of love such as a Roman fede ring.

Compliments of the Met Museum

The vein ,vena amoris, or vein of love got it’s name from the Roman’s belief that the fourth finger on the left hand had a vein that ran directly to one’s heart. To this day couples place rings on each others “ring fingers” as a sign of love and honor even though science negates the precious theory of the Ancient Romans.

Today’s engagement rings have evolved into a vast array of choices designed to exemplify everyone’s taste and budget. How remarkable when looking down at your hand knowing your ring symbolizes everything wonderful in love. Rings made of precious metals and stunning gems are a never-ending circle of love that comes and comes again with no beginning or end!

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